About us

Experience a mouthwatering

Seafood Trivia.

The Station Seafood Restaurant & Bar as being an ambitious team of individuals in the dining arena. We have taken much pride on our operation, tailoring the best experience for the most amazing seafood restaurant in the heart of Colombo.

The Art of Cooking.

We take immense pride in the labor that goes into the food that we make at The Station Seafood Restaurant & Bar.Hand picked quality ingredients with fresh Seafood and Meats are the sole contributors to the rich Flavour’s that are infused with our food.

Authentic Range of Cocktails.

Apart from our extravagant cuisines, we do quite the stellar glass of cocktail. Our skillful bartenders whips up cocktails with utter ease, even we wonder how he does it.

Let the sea set you free.

So why not have your next birthday, anniversary or corporate event at The Station Seafood Restaurant and Bar and experience a combination of true Sri Lankan hospitality, an array of culinary delights and a range of drinks and cocktails amidst a tropical setting.

Indulge yourself with dishes from our chef.

Versatile cuisine for every taste.

There is so much to love about The Station Seafood Restaurant & Bar we have given much attention to the overall ambience of our restaurants since we believe that a cozy ambience quintessential for a rich dining experience apart from the food. a restaurant is graded on its staffs quality and service. The Station is fortunate to a house of very enthusiastic group of people those invested in the satisfaction of our customers with its jaw dropping seafood.

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